Programme support

The Sustainable City programme organises networking opportunities especially for cities and municipalities, provides financial support for piloting and experimenting, and collects and disseminates good practices related to sustainable urban development. It also works to spread the message of sustainable urban development both within Finland and internationally.

The programme combines various sustainable development themes into multi-sectoral challenge clusters that cities can solve together. Other operators, such as city networks, companies, associations or individual city residents, can also participate in solving these challenge clusters. Work to tackle the challenge clusters is carried out at meetings, seminars, workshops and challenge clinics, and via the Virtuaalikortteli (virtual block) platform. Virtuaalikortteli is the Sustainable City programme’s online networking and collaboration platform for cities, municipalities and others interested in sustainable urban development.

Click on our contact information and send us a message. We will send you an invitation to the Virtuaalikortteli platform, where you can network with others interested in taking action on behalf of sustainable cities!

Published 2019-07-29 at 13:50, updated 2019-07-30 at 10:19

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