Working towards sustainable cities

The objective of the Sustainable City programme is to solve cities’ sustainable development challenges and disseminate good practices in collaboration with cities. The programme aims to develop new solutions to achieve sustainable urban development and sustainable lifestyles for city residents.

We will tackle the challenges of sustainable urban development through the following actions

  • focusing on resolving challenges that cut across and unite the different areas of sustainable development and are not being addressed by current measures,
  • developing cities as trial platforms and developing new solutions in practical experiments and pilot projects,
  • disseminating and scaling good practices and lessons, and
  • strengthening international connections in urban development.

The following themes will be highlighted in city strategies and decision-making criteria:

  • Incorporating sustainable development into cities’ strategies and programmes as well as budgets and operational processes.
  • Setting ambitious targets for sustainable development and taking concrete steps to achieve them.
  • Developing new practices and cooperation models and increasing equality in dialogue.
Published 2019-07-29 at 13:50, updated 2019-07-19 at 8:48
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