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Are you interested in sustainable development? Do you have ideas about how to promote it? Would you like to see how other cities and towns are tackling the challenges of sustainability?

The Sustainable Cities programme is working to create an open partnership network for all cities, municipalities and promoters of sustainable urban development. Virtuaalikortteli is our workspace and contact platform where you can network with others and find information and support to help you tackle the challenges related to sustainability. Send us your contact information and we will invite you to join!

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Best regards Virve, Suvi ja Olli
The Sustainable City team


We are taking on challenges in the Sustainable City team:


Virve Hokkanen, Director
Ministry of the Environment
p. 0295 250 034

Virve Hokkanen

Suvi Anttila, Senior Specialist
Ministry of the Environment
p. 0295 250 208

Suvi Anttila

Olli Maijala, Ministerial Adviser
Ministry of the Environment
p. 0295 250 174



As a cooperation partner the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) coordinates and facilitates the challenge clusters.

Emma Terämä, Director
Finnish Environment Institute
p. 0400 232 342



Henna Malinen, Researcher
Finnish Environment Institute
p. 050 381 2201





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